Frequently Asked Questions

Your deposit helps give us some financial security when we go out and buy vehicles. To keep our operating costs balanced, we have to ask for it. Remember that your deposit is 100% refundable – if you pay it and then decide you do not wish to bid on any vehicles after all, we will give you your money back, plain and simple. If you believe you’re finished bidding on vehicles and don’t intend to use the system anymore, we will also return your deposit. We are a JUMVEA certified exporter with over 20 years of experience and a reputation for honesty and integrity, so you can rest assured on this point.

We know the auction sheet can be hard to figure out for those who don’t know Japanese. Thankfully, our staff is fluent in the language and can read it for you. If there’s any aspect of the document you need help with, we will guide you step by step with accurate information so you know the precise condition of the vehicle. We can provide you with a direct translation of the auction sheet’s content for your reference. Our experienced dealers can also offer first-hand advice on the car’s condition.

The Japanese live auction bidding system is highly refined and digitized. All bidding takes place online. In fact, many export companies and others bidding from Japan are not even on-site at the auction house when placing their bids – they are at their offices using a similar auction system as you. This means you are on a level playing field with the local competition, even if you’re half a world away.

The supply of used vehicles entering auction houses come from a variety of sources. Unlike in many other countries, the overwhelming majority of Japanese vehicle owners tend to sell their vehicles to dealers rather than doing so privately. Japan’s network of used car dealers supplies a large amount of vehicles to auction houses. Traded-in vehicles also make up a significant proportion of the vehicles on offer. These are vehicles from Toyota, Nissan and so on that have been sold back to the dealer in exchange for credit on a more recent model.