How to bid and manage bids

Once you’ve located the vehicle that you wish to bid on, it’s time to pick your bid amount. In the upper-right hand corner of the vehicle’s auction page, you will find the “Bidding” section.

Note that some vehicles will have a “Start price”, which indicates the lowest possible first bid you may enter. Also make sure to note the time of auction, which is displayed in the vehicle’s information page and in Japan Standard Time.

Placing your bid

When you have confirmed the start price, looked at the consolidated statistics data and are confident in your bid amount, type in your bid in thousands of Japanese Yen (JPY) in the “Bid Amount” window.

You may wish to check the current exchange rate of the Japanese Yen against the United States Dollar or your local currency to confirm the exact amount you are bidding.

You may also add a question or comment along with your bid.

The “Group” and “Num” tabs allow you to select the number of vehicles you would like to bid on and put them into specific groups. The “Group” tab allows you to categorize vehicles into different groups from “A-Z”. The “Num” tab allows you to submit a request to buy 1 – 5 vehicles.

For example, if you wish to buy two of the same vehicle, you can use group “A” and enter the number “2”. This will indicate the maximum number of vehicles you wish to buy is 2.

When you are satisfied with your bid, click the button below the comment box, which will read: “Send your offer by email” (if it’s your first time bidding) or “Send Bid” (if you have already paid your deposit). You will then be asked to double-check that this bid amount is correct. If so, click yes to continue and your bid amount will be sent.

If this is your first time using the system to place a bid, you will be asked to pay your initial deposit.

Making the deposit

Please note that before you are able to place a bid at auction, you will be required to make a deposit of ¥100,000 Japanese Yen (or $1,000 US Dollars) with AA Japan. This deposit is fully refundable and will be returned to you whenever you decide that:

You are finished bidding on auction and don’t wish to look for any more vehicles


You do not wish to bid on any vehicles after all.

Please make your deposit payment to one of the following two accounts.

Japanese Yen Account

Swift code       Branch Code       Account Number       Account Name

BOTKJPJT                  215                     0313247             Al Ain Japan (Pvt) Ltd

US Dollar Account

Swift code       Branch Code       Account Number      Account Name

BOTKJPJT                    215                     0022565             Al Ain Japan (Pvt) Ltd

After your deposit is received, you will see the “Send your offer by email” button on the vehicle auction page disappears, and is replaced by the “Send Bid” button. This means you’re ready to place bids.

Viewing your auction bid status

Once you have placed a bid, you can view its status by clicking on “Bids” on the AA Japan auction system’s top toolbar. This will direct you to a page displaying the status and information for all your current and past bids. Date, Auction House, Bid number, vehicle model name, year, displacement and mileage are shown, as well as the start and end price at auction.

You can click on the bid number in the “Bid” column to open up the information page for a specific vehicle. Here you can update your bid, ask a question to the seller or cancel your bid.

This page is an important place to communicate with your seller at AA Japan. You will see the following statuses:

  • New – Manual: the AA Japan seller has not yet processed your bid.
  • Validated – Manual: the AA Japan seller has validated your bid.
  • Cancelled – Manual: the AA Japan seller has cancelled your bid.
  • Bought – Manual: you have won the auction and the AA Japan seller has bought the vehicle on your behalf.
  • Sold to Other Party: another party has outbid you at auction, vehicle was not bought.

When an auction has finished, you will see the End Price displayed.

Congratulations you made it through the entire AA Japan Auction System User Guide! Now you are ready to start bidding on Japanese Auctions and make the best of the AA Japan Auction System.