How to Register with AA Japan Auction System

The first step is to register an account with AA Japan to gain access to the AA Japan auction system.
Navigate to the auction website at Complete your free registration by filling out the registration form.

After you finish filling in the form, please double-check to make sure all your information is correct. It’s particularly important that you type your email correctly, since your login details will be sent to this address.
When you are confident all your information has been correctly entered, click on the “Register” button.

You will receive a confirmation message on the next screen. Check your email for a message from AA Japan.

Find the message in your inbox sent by “AA Japan Auction System” with the subject line “AA Japan Auction System: Registration”.

This message contains your username and password, which you will need to log in to

Use your username and password to log into the AA Japan auction system.

If you’d like to change any information about yourself following account registration, you can do so in the “Personal Information” section on the top toolbar.

Here you can edit your name, address, contact info, Skype ID and address.  You can also change your username and your password. It’s important to keep your information up to date so that sellers can keep in touch with you.