How to Search for a Vehicle

On the top toolbar, you will see a section called “Auto Auctions”.  Clicking here will direct to the part of the AA Japan auction system used to search for vehicles and place bids.

There are three different ways to look for a vehicle via the AA Japan auction system – “Search by Manufacturer”, “Basic Search”, and “Advanced Search”.

Search by Manufacturer

“Search by Manufacturer” will allow you to view auto manufacturers by country.

The following countries are represented:

  • Japan
  • Germany
  • USA
  • Italy
  • France
  • Sweden
  • Britain
  • Korea

You will also see an “Other” category, which is a catchall for everything that doesn’t quite fit the other criteria. This includes cars from other countries that do not have their own category on the AA Japan auction system, as well as Japanese and other models that were not specifically classified by country by their auction house.

It’s worth noting that many vehicles badged by major auto manufacturers from Japan, USA, etc. are assembled in many different countries. For example, besides being made in Japan, Toyota brand vehicles are also manufactured in Thailand, Russia and elsewhere. If you are looking for a vehicle from a specific country of manufacture, you can do so by examining the chassis number to confirm a vehicle’s place of origin.

Basic Search

In this section, you can search for a vehicle according to maker, model, year range, transmission, and engine and gearshift type. You can also narrow your search to look for only specific color vehicles and vehicles that have only specific additional features.

You will see the following search fields in Basic Search:

Steering Wheel:

Click on the box next to “Left Hand-Drive” if you would like to search for only left-hand driving vehicles.

The default configuration for vehicles sold in Japan is right-hand drive, meaning the driver sits on the right side of the vehicle. This is regarded as the most convenient setup for left-driving traffic.

You will find many high-end non-Japanese models and especially sporty import models that come in left-hand drive configurations. This is because Japanese car owners like to have the “authentic” versions of these kinds of import cars. Models without a Japan market steering modification are seen as more prestigious and higher status.

Studies have shown that right-hand steering vehicles are safe in right-hand driving countries, requiring only a very brief driver re-familiarization period. Converting a right-hand driving vehicle to left-hand drive is also an option. This is usually best done after import due to the expense of auto-related labor in Japan.


Click on the button next to “Manufacturer” that reads “—All Marks—“ to scroll through the list of manufacturers and find the one you are looking for.


After you have specified the manufacturer, you will see a list of the available models from that manufacturer. Displayed next to the model name will be a number in brackets, which indicates the number of vehicles of that model currently being sold on auction. You can pick a specific model to search for, or else select “—All Models—“ to search for all models from that manufacturer.

Bid No:

If your sales representative has provided you with a bid number, you can search for a vehicle by that specific auction bid number as well.


The “Year” search field lets you can designate the production year range you are searching for. Type in the earliest year you want to search in the left-hand search box, and the latest year you want to search in the right-hand search box. If you wish to search only a specific year model, type the same year into both search boxes.


You can specify which type of transmission you are searching for: “AT” (automatic), or “MT” (manual).

For specific subtypes of these two transmission types, you will have to check the individual vehicle’s auction page.

Vehicle Engine:

You can specify engine type you are searching for. Engine type is measured by displacement in cubic centimeters (cc); you can type in the minimum cc (left-hand search box) and maximum cc (right-hand search box) you wish to search for


Here you can specify if you want to search for 2WD (two-wheel drive) or 4WD (four-wheel drive) models only. Be aware that some models are only offered in either 4WD or 2WD (not both) configurations, in which case you might not get any search results if you try to look for a “Shift” that isn’t available.


Here you can specify that you want to search only vehicles of a specific color.

The color spectrum is represented as follows: brown, wine, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white, pearl, beige, silver, grey, black

You may click on as many colors as you would like to search for.

If you do not click on any colours, the system will automatically search for all colours.

Advanced Search

Advanced search includes all the same features as Basic Search, but allows you to add additional search filters.

These additional functions are as follows:


Here you can specify the mileage range you are looking for in thousands of kilometers. Place the lowest mileage you are searching for in the left-hand text box and the highest mileage you are searching for in the right-hand text box.

Model Type

You may specify the specific model type here to further narrow down your search.

For example, if you were searching for a Honda Rezel with an “RU1” type engine, you can type “RU1” in the “Model Type” search field to reduce your results to only models fitted with this engine.

Start Price

Here you can specify the starting price range for the model you’re searching. Enter the minimum start price you want to search in the left hand text box and the maximum start price you want to search in the right hand text box.


You can input specific terms you wish to search in this field.
For example, typing “Luxury” in the keyword search field will result in a search for only luxury grade vehicles.


In advanced search mode, you will see an option to search by Grades. The “Grade” is a ranking is assigned to a vehicle by auction house inspectors. It is done according to a 9-point scale, which is explained below:

9, 8, 7 – vehicle is brand new, less then 12 months past first registration and only has delivery mileage.

6 – vehicle is less than 36 months past first registration date, has slightly more than delivery mileage.

5 – vehicle has mileage between 0 and 50,000 km and is in overall superior condition.

4.5 – vehicle has mileage between 0 and 100,000 km and is in overall great condition, with possibly a few small scratches but no significant cosmetic issues.

4 – vehicle has mileage between 0 and 150,000 km and is in better than average condition.

3.5 – vehicle’s exterior has some noticeable blemishes, like scratches or dents and may need work or new paint. Interior may need repair and/or refurbishment.

3 – vehicle’s exterior has notable blemishes, including scratches and dents and probably needs new paint and/or work. Interior may need repair and/or refurbishment.

2 – vehicle’s condition is not good. You should only bid on a vehicle of this grade if you are able and willing to put in significant time and effort into fixing it.

1 – vehicle has been modified, may have aftermarket turbo, automatic transmission converted to manual or some other modification.

*** – vehicle has sustained major damage, has not yet been repaired and is not drivable, only usable for parts.

R, RA –vehicle has sustained minor accident damage but has been repaired

S – vehicle is brand new, less then 12 months past first registration and only has delivery mileage.

It’s worth nothing that vehicles graded from 7-9 and with the letter “S” are all essentially new. The differences between these grades are more or less negligible.


If you wish, you can search for only vehicles that have certain additional equipment.
The two letter abbreviations you see in the equipment section have the following meanings:

  • AC – air conditioning
  • AW – sport tires (alloy wheel)
  • LE – leather interior
  • SR – sunroof
  • PW – power windows
  • PS – power steering
  • TV – television


If you are looking for a heavy-duty truck or vehicle for commercial purposes, you might want to make use of this search section.
Click on the box right next to “Truck” (in the shaded column) to automatically select all “Truck” search terms. If you only want to search for a specific type of truck, simply click the box next to the term(s) you’re interested in.
The terms you see have the following definitions:

  • Double Cab – double cab, wide-body truck
  • Backhoe – mechanical excavator with a bucket attached to hinged boom
  • Dump – dump truck for the transport of loose material
  • Tractor – tractor-type vehicle for agricultural work
  • Mixer – mixer truck that combines cement, an aggregate (sand or gravel) and water to make concrete
  • Tow Truck – truck for the towing of damaged/immobilized vehicles (or those in violation of bylaws, etc.)
  • Tanker – Truck with tank for bulk transportation of liquids (water or oil)
  • Truck – “Carry” type truck with truck bed, allowing for hauling a range of objects
  • Chassis – truck with cab and chassis rail, allowing for installation of various components (container, camping unit, etc.)


You can also tailor your search to look for only those vehicles that fulfill specific use functions.

  • Refrigerator – vehicle’s purpose is the transport of refrigerated goods (refrigerator truck)
  • Thermos – vehicle has heated container for goods requiring higher ambient temperature
  • Crane – vehicle has a crane for lifting
  • Full crane – vehicle has a full crane with retractable/extendable joint
  • Camping – vehicle’s purpose is camping, outdoors activities
  • Concrete mixer – mixer truck that combines cement, an aggregate (sand or gravel) and water to make concrete
  • Bus – vehicle is intended for mass/public transportation use


Below the various advanced search options you will see a button titled “Auction”.


The Auto Auctions part of the AA Japan auction system also has a “Favourites” feature.

To add a vehicle to your Favourites, simply go to the vehicle’s auction page and find the “Add to Favourites” section in the bottom right-hand column. You have the option of adding the vehicle to List A, List B, List C or List D. This lets you organize your favorites by model, type, year, etc. so you can easily find the vehicle you’re interested in again later.

Click on the list you wish to add the vehicle to and it will instantly be added.

To look at the specific vehicles you have added to your favorites, click on “Favourites” in the Auto Auctions section toolbar.
To delete vehicles from one of your Favourites lists, click the box next to the vehicle to mark it and then click the “Remove lots” button. You can also delete an entire list quickly by clicking the uppermost box to highlight all vehicles in the list, then clicking the “Remove lots” button.